Mens Long Sleeve Compression Top

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ReForm Top Sizing Chart - Male

Fit is everything

We want to ensure you get the right levels of compression from us. If you fall between 2 sizes, we recommend sizing up.

  • Featuring Python’s revolutionary ReForm technology, this men’s long sleeve compression top use integrated ReForm bands that mimic Kinesiology tape, to gently grip to your skin. Experience additional support and posture control, irrespective of what type of sport or exercise you do.

    These strategically placed bands improve shoulder and elbow stability, and assist in posture correction, giving you the confidence to achieve more.

    Our ReForm garments are made with moisture-wicking materials, making them breathable and temperature regulating. They are ergonomically shaped for optimum compression and comfort during exercise.

    The perfect combination of active support during exercise, and compressive recovery post workout - additional support and swift recuperation will take your training to a whole different dimension.


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